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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:14 am

Posted by nick6771

Interesting thread. From the early 80s when I started playing golf I have owned:-

Ryder Mark II
Maxfli Australian Blade (set me back years - why, why, why !!!!!)
Prosimmon game improvers (very good - first experience of custom fit)
Ping Eye 2
Ping Eye 2 BeCu (looked great played awful)
Callaway X14 (excellent set of clubs)
Callaway X18 (awful set of clubs - why did I change? Oh yeah I was becoming a h.o.!!!)
Mizuno MX25 (I have seen the light)
Mizuno JPX 800 Pro
Mizuno MP 59 (the best there was the best there ever will be)

I cant even being to think what woods I have owned !
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:17 pm

Posted by The Highlander

I can still remember all my clubs as I've not been playing that long in the grand scheme of things plus I'm just weird like that! 
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:27 pm

Posted by BigPete

I can't even remember the clubs I went through last year....
Cobra L4v PX 6.0
Tour Edge 3 wood PX 6.0
Mizuno MP33 3 - PW S300
Mizuno MP T10 54 60 wedge flex
Mizuno MP A306 Winn midsize
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:18 pm

Posted by Deemac

As I started golf later in life, I can't go back that far.

My mate gave me a set of Fazer irons to get me started and then I moved straight to Mizuno when I knew that I was going to get serious about it.

When I was looking for my first proper set of clubs, I must have hit EVERY single available iron on the market at the time and always came back to the Mizuno MX25's.
Even when I was rubbish (some say I still am! ;-) ) I still knew nothing felt like a Mizuno!
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:17 pm

Posted by drpurpell

Iron sets:

HB&S Pinseeker (half-set)
Mizuno Astron
Ping Eye2
Taylor Made ICW11
Top-Flite Tour Oversize - 2 sets
Callaway X14
Golfsmith P2
Snake Eyes MC-01
John Letters Master Model
Mizuno Comp CT
Titleist DCI 990
Mizuno MP60

Individual woods, single irons, wedges and putters - too many to mention.
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:24 pm

Posted by vivax

intressting to hear everyones past.

ive pretty much always used mizuno....

started to dabble with golf at 14years old and brought a few second hand irons and "wood" woods from my local range and hit them there.- couldnt tell you what they were.

at 16 i got a full set (woods, irons and putter) of pinseeker- awful but thought great at the time
at 18 i got mizuno sure irons
at 20 i sold everything after a hand reconstruction and being told i wouldnt be able to play, so had 6 years out
at 26 i started again and brought second hand mp 30's - nice but found hard to hit consistantly after a lay off
at 28 i brought mx 200's - really esay to hit and helped keep me intressted as they improved my game
at for my 31st in december just gone i got mp 53's- nicest clubs ive ever hit (including all those ive tried from other people)
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Mizuno MP11 50 / 58
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Bridgestone E6
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:10 pm

Posted by Br1an_g

if we are talking full iron sets then:

Arnold Palmer all in one starter set (still hit these now and again as my step dad has them)
Macgregor m455 v-foil forged lovelyness. (loved these but wanted something a bit neater)
Wilson Di7 fat shafted cheapness (easy to hit but looked like ****** after 3 months)
Bridgestone J33 combo full set from 3-PW + 52+56 (loved these, but off days they killed me)
Taylor Made R9 (went miles, crap build quality. lasted just long enough for the wife not to kill me when i traded them)
Mizuno Jpx800 Pros (still loving them but due for a loft/lie check which may lead to a new set)

think about the same number of drivers (that i can remember).
ben sayers something
taylor made R7 quad
Nike sq5000
mp630 FT

cant say many of them have been bad. but the R9's sounded different on every iron. i even sent them back to TM and they said they were fine so they got traded in.  the DI7's were great clubs but build quality let them down as well, finish was worn off after a couple of months and thats me taking care of them. 
In the Neo Cart Bag bag:
Mizuno MP630FT Fubuki S, MP650 17* & 19* Orochi stiff, MP54 3-PW DGX100, MP-T4 DGX100 50*6 56*8, Mizuno MP-T101 33.5
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:34 pm

Posted by bigmel

I am 58 years old and have a 6 h/cap. I started off in this great game in 1976 having been inspired by Tom Watson's win at Carnoustie:- 
My extensive list is as follows:  
01. Lee Trevino "Greentrees".  3-sw. My 1st set, nothing much to say about them except they were in use for 3 seasons. 
02. Lynx "Predators". 1-sw.  Fantastic easy to use versatile low profile clubs. In use for 8 years.  
03. Ping "Zing". 1-sw. Good forgiving clubs but ugly as sin. (2 years).  
03. Ping "Zing 2" 2-sw. easy to hit. (2 years). 
04. Ping ISI, (steel). 3-pw. DG r300 shafts. Brilliant clubs. 4 years. (sorry I got rid of them).  
05. Mizuno MX20. 3-pw. DG R300 shafts. 4 years. Brilliant clubs (VERY sorry I sold them). 
06. Mizuno MX23 3-pw DG S/L S300 shafts. 1 year. Put ball into orbit, ugly from above. Happy to be rid of them.
07. Callaway X18Pro. 3-pw. DG S300 shafts. 3 years. Brilliant clubs (sorry I got rid of them). 
08. Callaway X22 Pro. 3-pw Project X 5.5 shafts. 3 years. Easy to hit but high only. Looked rubbish from above. 
09. Ping I10. 3-pw. Ping AWT stiff shafts. Looked great but very unforgiving. 2 years.
10. Taylor Made R7 4-pw KBS reg shafts. 2 years. short irons good / longs rubbish. (2 years). 
11. Taylor Made "Burner 2.0" DG S300 shafts. (2 years). great short irons / longs average. Inconsistant distances.
12. Mizuno JPX825. DG XP S300 shafts. great clubs.  Currently in use.
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Irons: Mizuno JPX825 pro 4-pw plus MP R12 50 degree, Ping tour 56 and 60 degree
Driver: Ping G20 10.5 degree stock tfc stiff shaft


Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Fri May 17, 2013 9:29 pm

Posted by chefski

John Letters T9 - 1st set hit them pretty well 5 iron was my go to club
Mizuno MX 25 - didnt have them long couldnt quite get on with them too inconsistent (me that is not the irons)
Mizuno MX 100 - again didnt have them long but quite liked them played pretty well
Mizuno MX 200 - NS Pro shafts very light but hit some great shots feel was great.
Mizuno MP 57 - wow when i was hot i was electric :) just wasnt hot enough
Miznuo JPX 800 Pro - again great irons but wrong shafts for me
Cleveland CG7 Black Pearl - i went to the dark side and quite honestly played really well with these they just werent Mizuno so they had to go when i found a set of MX 200 with the shaft the Swing DNA specified.
Mizuno MX 200 (this time with correct shafts PX 5.0) Current

Not bad 8 sets of irons in just over 4 years :) to be fair i liked them all but the current set is just right hitting some amazing iron shots with these. (for me that is)
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:45 pm

Posted by Tomvk77NL

i had a few already

i started off with a cheap Spalding set 1,3,5 wood 3-SW and a putter
As i did not use the woods i replaced the irons for
Callaway Big Bertha irons ( you know with those massive top line's )
Than Titleist irons DCI 981
Mizuno MP 32 
Taylormade Tour preferred '08
now Mizuno MP 59

Worst buy was the first driver a Topflight i still know it was a blue head, bought it second hand and had 3 swings with it before the shaft broke.

first as above.
Before any woods there was a Taylormade Rescue MID TP 14 degree 1 iron
Than Titleist 975 
Cobra S9-1 
Taylormade R11
and soooooon Mizuno JPX 825
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Driver: Mizuno JPX825 driver, 3wd and hybrid 2! Fujikura orochi red eye stiff


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