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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:57 pm

Posted by BigPete

OK folks strap yourself in.... bold = in the bag


I've actually liked most of the drivers I've owned and can remember good shots with all of them.Let's see if I can remeber them...

Sort of in order....

Hippo 100 oversize - first driver I had (still have it) small head by todays standards (300cc) reg steel shaft - no idea how this went - mainly right at the time
Ram FX - first 460 driver - first stiff shaft - used it again a couple of years ago and it went miles but too stiff for me at the time.
Hippo Hex - what a looker! again went a .long way but the reg shaft nearly bent double 
Nike Sumo 5900 - first fitted (badly) driver 13* stiff!! - easy to hit - flight looked good but ballooned and always landed behind the pitchmark Loud!
Mizuno MX560 reg V2 - ok but wrong shaft - Louder!!
Cobra L4V F 10 stiff - maybe my favourite old driver - easy to hit - went miles - still loud
TM RGB (the red one) 9.5 stiff - pretty good - nice headcover 
Mizuno mp600 - I had about 4 of these with various shafts - lovely feel and sound but always felt there might be something longer 
Cobra S9 9.5 stiff - nice again - long but wild.
Titleist 910 D2 9.5 PX 6.0 - would've been perfect in a 10.5 - really nice out the middle
Mizuno MX700 9.5 stock stiff long but should've got a 10.5 and a different shaft.
TM R9 10.5 all sorts of shafts (still have it) nice solid driver - too many adjustables for someone like me though 
Mizuno MP 650 10.5 stiff - amazing feel and sound - great shaft but I need something more forgiving
Mizuno JPX 800 10.5 - lots of shafts again but in the bag currently with NVS 55X - really nice forgiving long - a bad shot is my fault.


This might be harder to remember - mostly matching the drivers

Hippo 100 3 (I think) really couldn't hit this
Ram FX 3 same
Hippo Hex 3 - actually really nice and easy to hit - straight too but the head flew off....
Nike SQ2 3 - struggled with this at the time (more on this later) 
TM RGB 3 - very nice again - long and straight - should've kept it longer...
TM R9 3 - really nice again off the tee and deck - nice shape
Mizuno MX700 3 - Long but struggled from the deck with the big head
Cobra pro 13.5 speeder stiff - didn't last long - hit one amazing 260 yard 40 yard fade with it from under a tree - the rest were awful.
MD spoon 13 - actually pretty good - easier than the Cobra - but still no chance off the deck
Cleveland XL 13.5 - good off the tee but too low - should've got the 15
Tour Edge Exotics XCGV 2 and 5 (still have the 5) - best 3 wood ever - awesome rombax shaft - won a long drive with it 312 yards gps measure (bit downwind) - was almost too long - most regretted sell 
TM R11 4 wood - first 4 wood - x stiff shaft way too much and white head got chipped on first outing...
Adams F11 - nice enough but a bit clanky - should've got the F10
Mizuno MP650 3 - amazing feel and long but wanted a 4 wood
TM RBZ tour strong 3 - bought cheap on impulse after liking the hybrid - not nice - too low loft - only lasted 3 rounds
TM RBZ 3 - better but liked going left
Nike SQ2 4 wood (in the bag) - almost the best since the TEE more suited to my current game 
Mizuno MP Ti 5 (now with steel shaft!!) - could be a contender based on recent range visits - only club I could hit well and super long - as long as most of these 3s


Ram FX 3 and 4 - came with set - don't remember them much - Ok I guess
Mizuno MX 950 4 - similar to the mpclk (ish) and very nice (wrong shaft though) 
TM rescue 4 - great club - my mate still has it - shaft got too whippy and light for me
Nike SQ2 20 easiest to launch hybrid ever and nice feel
TM RGB 3 and 4 - very very nice and easy to hit - grew out of reg shafts
Mizuno MX 700 2 crazy long but unpredictable
Mizuno mp clk 23 - great club - felt a bit small and wrong shaft (reg)
Titleist 585 24 - classic shape and nice NV shaft - played this a while
TM 09 rescue - easy to launch if a bit chunky 
Mizuno MP fli hi 2, 3 and 4 - a nice alternative but think I prefer regular hybrids
Adams A12 3 and 5 - nice feel and good distance - a bit leftish though
Mizuno MP 650 22 - best of the lot - miraculously still has original Orochi shaft - bit of a go to club. I hit some monster shots with this.


Can't remember first set - bought off some bloke in the pub - they got me started though
Ram Combo set - bigger cavities - seemed great at the time - played these a few years
Magregor m something or others - first forged set as I took the game more seriously - better feel and better shafts Rifle 5.5
Mizuno MP 950 - got suckered into reg shafts and hated them other than the pw -8
Mizuno MP 52 - now we're talking - favourite older set - NFC fitted Nippon 950 stiffs just got a bit light as my ss increased
Yonex VMX (honestly) decided I needed help - they were actually pretty nice feel for cast and stupidly long PW was 150
Dunlop set from Sports Direct (no really!!???) while I had the 52s as well - it was an experiment OK
Mizuno JPX 800 pro - PX 5.5 - really liked these but always had a nagging feeling I'd get a daft flyer every now and then 
Mizuno MP37 (in the bag for now) - "the blade experiment" obviously great when pured - probably too much club for me but enjoy the challenge - I've ground them and lots of different finish experiments (raw)
Mizuno MP 59 - extremely nice and probably the best fitted clubs (again NFC) sad to see em go


Must've had wedges with first sets - I remember an old Dunlop bronze lob wedge - worst club ever
Ram 3 wedge set 52 56 60 - think I bought these in Argos!! did the job at the time 
Cleveland CG11 52 56 60 - cavity wedges pretty nice - I considered these "proper wedges" at the time
Mizuno MX series 51 56 60 forged cavity loveliness - so easy to use
Vokey sm 52 58 - thought I'd hit the jackpot - spin was crazy - nearly wore the 58 out (only wedge I've had long enough)
Mizuno MPR 56 60 - loved these but didn't spin as much as the Vokeys
Yes! forged 60 amazing - dead easy to use for a 60 (still have it) 52 was rubbish...
Cleveland CG12 54 3 dot way too much bounce for me
MD seve 56 - impule buy - Ok but not amazing
Cleveland CG15 52 58 - very very nice tons of spin and good simple soles
Mizuno MP10 50 54 56 60 black satin / raw  - as soon as I saw pics of these I had to have them - still have them all and they've been the victim of BigPete's workshop more than any other club 
Mizuno MPR 12 52 58 64 - liked the 52 - hated the 58 - just couldn't get over the leading edge - the 64 well - a couple of fun shots
Mizuno MP T4 54 60 - simply the best wedges I've owned - just perfect (in the bag) - prefer the 54 to the 60 but all good


Some ropey old things when I started - Dunlops and Howsons - must've been awful with those old Top Flites
Faser 2 ball rip off - actually really liked this - remember buying it in Oswestry GC pro shop after sinking 5 in a row.
Odyssey Sabertooth - my first putter "investment" - loved the feel and it worked well
Ping Karsten Anser 2 - nice putter but I chopped it down and bunged a massive grip on it - ruined it
Nike Unitized Techno - big space ship thing - super steady on short ones - no distance feel
Odyssey XG #1 - literally lasted 2 rounds
Heavy Putter something or other - liked the weight - didn't like the distance control
Odyssey WH #5 lasted a bit longer
Mizuno Bettinardi BC5 great putter - nice feel 
Rife blade - took it back to the shop after 20 minutes in a "Why am I buying this?" epiphany moment
Bettinardi BB1 - again nice but a bit clicky - losing confidence in Anser shapes
Rife 2 bar - decent stability - lacked feel
Yes! Marylin mid mallet - used this a while (relativey) liked the roll tech
Yes! Dianna - back to Anser shape! ok but not heavy enough
Mizuno Bettinardi C06h compact Anser but almost face balanced - liked this alot but one or two bad rounds meant "bye bye" 
TM Ghost Raylor Daytona - Anser shape but with the rail - pretty solid putter this (Stacy Lewis uses this now) 
MD first heel shafted putter  (still have this) I tried this at Scottsdale Golf in Manchester about 4 seperate occasions and never missed a putt on their little green - surprisingly good. 
Bettinardi Black BB1 - Anser again - amazing feel but couldn't get the right set up.
Mizuno Bettinardi BC4 - basically the same putter as above....
Mizuno MP106 -  still in the bag (nearly one year on!!!!!) just suddenly feels right. 

All of these have been 33 or 34 and latterly, mostly with Winn AVS midsize grips
I've definitely left some putters out.... and it's the first section I go to to try out new stuff in golf shops still
All of these can also pick the ball up - only reason why I never had a proper 2 ball

The first 12 or 13 years of my golf carrer got me up to the Ram bag. Most of the rest was in the last 4 or 5 years or so since.... 
A) I joined a golf club full time and golf became my main activity / life
B) I discovered GolfWRX

(I wonder if anyone actually read all that?)

Pictoral history on WRX WITB thread - 2 earlier threads in the first post - this is 2 year's worth...

Cobra L4v PX 6.0
Tour Edge 3 wood PX 6.0
Mizuno MP33 3 - PW S300
Mizuno MP T10 54 60 wedge flex
Mizuno MP A306 Winn midsize

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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:12 pm

Posted by freddy

Impressive Pete! I bet there is a bunch of clubs you forgot about too.
JPX825 10.5 KK60
JPX835 3 wood PX 7B3
Anser 17* hybrid, VTS Silver
H4 3,4 S300, C-taper
CMB 5-PW, C-taper
T4 52/58 S400
Versa #7, SS3.0
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:24 pm

Posted by BigPete

freddy wrote:

Impressive Pete! I bet there is a bunch of clubs you forgot about too.

Hehe I'm not sure "impressive" is the right word tbh. "Foolhardy, impulsive, reckless, wasteful, misguided, ill-advised, extravagant or crazy" might better fit the bill...
Cobra L4v PX 6.0
Tour Edge 3 wood PX 6.0
Mizuno MP33 3 - PW S300
Mizuno MP T10 54 60 wedge flex
Mizuno MP A306 Winn midsize
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:41 pm

Posted by BloodSweatNPars

Sam Snead Jr Set, 1,3,5 woods, 3,5,7 irons and a blade putter; all in a cloth carry bag.

Mizuno Cimarron, full set 3-PW, 1,3,5 wood...he77 of a set of clubs to "learn" on.

Mizuno MP 14 irons 3-PW

Mizuno JPX800Pros (3 weeks), MP 59's (12 months)

Mizuno MP 69 irons 4-PW (fixin to see about another 3 iron)

In my mid/late teens i became Dr. Frankenstein in my dad's shop.  I would rip apart and bend, and build drivers and wedges about every couple months (it seemed).  Golfsmith had a Club Makers catalog they'd send through the mail.  I'd order shafts, heads, grips, vises, epoxies,,, all the usual junk needed and build and tinker and tweak... LOVED IT!  The Craziest driver I ever had built was a copy of that Kevlar thing Daly hit back in the '90's  :D  It was god-awful ugly, had a bright red shaft in that thing.... ewww... I could smoke it when hit though.  

DNA ~92*5*4*5*5
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:44 pm

Posted by Deemac

Suppose I've been really fortunate to only ever own Mizuno's from the day I started playing golf, so I haven't really ever had any bad clubs! ;-)
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Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:36 pm

Posted by GraemeJones

A set of Ben hogan's bought off the shelf and a couple of drivers out of the bargain basement bins


Fitted with Mizuno JPX 800 Pro's added a JPX 800 Driver off ICEMAN, a CLK hybrid or two and a couple of Fli-Hi's then a new Ghost S spider TM putter

Thats it lol
Graeme 'My putting is a lot better recently' Jones
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Driver: Mizuno JPX 900 Driver JPX 825 3Wood MP650 hybrid 22* FLI HI 18* 24*


Re: Clubs you have owned, good and bad.

Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:40 pm

Posted by Bonobobananas

Irons: Some Northwestern irons bought in the US (Kmart) whilst on holiday with parents around 1980 including a 3 iron that had a sweet spot 1 micron across :o 
Pinseeker irons or whatever those really cheap ones were that you could get from Argos or 'off the back of a lorry' which is where I got mine :D
then a 20 year hiatus before some Ben Hogan irons which got stolen leading to
Mizuno MP32s which were too good for me...
Mizuno MX200s got better
Mizuno MP59s

Really old second hand persimmon drivers and 3 woods for 5-10 years can't remember make, but cheap.
'Spirit' 1, 3 ,5 metal woods, a Titleist copy
Callaway FT3 for about 5 years
Callaway FT9 for 5 minutes
TM R11 (still have, varied shafts)

Northwestern SW with the biggest bounce I've ever seen on a club although it span like a mutha (still remember chugging one out of the sand back about 30feet from where it pitched). A Horror for blading it though (I didn't understand bounce, I was 13)
Mizuno raw 52, 58. Liked these at first but then I went to more wedges
Callaway Jaws (didn't liked these)
Miura Satin and K grind. These are just amazing. I will be buying the Miura irons when the MP59s run out of steam as I play golf so much the extra quality is worth it. Sorry Mizuno but these rock.

A cheap pinseeker or something like that which I rocked for years until it got stolen. Some type of mallet I can't remember followed. Then a Titleist Bullseye that I won at school and had kept.
Then it all went wrong..
Odyssey 2 ball: Can't handle offset
TM Rossa Corsa Ghost
Scotty American Classic
Mizuno Line 90Taranaki (eventually converted to a belly putter)
Scotty Newport 2.6
Yar putter. This is great except for the weak face insert that I have finally sorted by ripping it out and using a metal replacement hence back in the bag and staying there!

I'm sure there have been loads more putters, hybrids only came in with the CLK then MP650s. 
The good thing is I had my best ever round today after all these years, so we can still get it going even with the advancing years :)
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