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Re: JPX 825 driver vs JPX EZ 2014 driver

Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:33 pm

Posted by Paul Martin

played again today, shot 98 strokeplay and 32 pts stableford

driver was on the money yet again, very straight and accurate, I was pulling my driver to the left a little today but thats pilot error:)

loving the driver and definitely wont be leaving my bag, I'm rotating the jpx 800 2 hybrid 17 degree and the jpx fli hi 3 hybrid 19 degree at the moment as the last club in the bag as the driver is a keeper
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Re: JPX 825 driver vs JPX EZ 2014 driver

Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:16 pm

Posted by TheJoshuaTree

I had both the drivers you mentioned, initially i got on ok with the EZ driver but that soon started to go downhill. I couldn't get on with the driver having such a closed looking face at address, it was a real put off, i started to over draw the ball with the occasional snap hook. This is something i never did with the JPX 825 driver, i really liked the JPX 825 driver, it's one of my favourite drivers so far. I hit the ball very straight with that club, the distances were consistent and very good, also the dispersion was excellent.

My mate now has my JPX 825 driver and he loves it, glad your getting on with your EZ though, i guess different clubs suit different types of players and not every club will be right for everyone.
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